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. no other information has been released. >>> soring gas prices in california have gotten the governor's attention. lindy is live in san francisco with the latest on the price spike. >> anyone who has driven up to a gas pump this week asks when will this pain end. it's costing upwards of $70 to fill up a gas tank. relief may be on the way. it's been another day of record breaking prices and the moment of dread. >> 84.17. >> reporter: that was for just a little over 17-gallons. prices hiked up another nickel overnight. >> reporter: the average price for a regular gallon is $4.64. most pumps are reflecting $5 a gal. >> what happened to obama bringing that down. >> reporter: it won't be the president but governor jerry brown is calling this an emergency. winter blend gasoline is normally not sold until november 1s. part of the problem is the state's effort to protect the environment. they require special similar and winter gasoline blend. the fire shut down part of the chef ron. >> once the winter blen
been sweeping was apparently too much for the power grid in southern california. the exxon mobile refinery shut down yesterday after the facility lost power. says the heat caused a transformer at a nearby substation to malfunction. combine that with the refinery in richmond, and you have yet another perfect storm for high gas prices. the wholesale cost shot up $1.06 in one week. by friday, retail prices could spike 30 cents. if it keeps up, station owners will have to sell it at $4.75 a gallon to break even. 12 miles to the gallon in the city. blaming high gas prices on the heat is farfetched. >> the gas companies find any reason they can. it's going to be the heat. just another excuse. >> reporter: and the gas experts say if california doesn't pick up production and crank out more gas soon, we could see, worse case scenario, $5 gas. you can check out live in san jose, cbs 5. >>> well, they were trying to head off another disruptive demonstration. oakland city leaders gave protesters another reason to cut loose. cbs 5 reporter was there. kristen, what
including up to the minute traffic, go to our web site, >> it was bound to happen, california gas prices have hit an all time average high. a gallon of unledded regular gas is now $4.61. that's up 12 cents from just yesterday. some stations are even charging $5 a gallon. if you had to fill up, you know the feeling. >> there's nothing else i can change except that it hurts a lot. every time we turn around we're getting hit with something. >> that's quite a hike. it's not even a step by step. it makes a big difference. >> the previous record was set back in 2008. experts say we should be close to the peak now and prices should start to fall as we head into next week. >>> if you do want to save cash, we're here to help. enter your zip code and find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood. >>> as if police weren't busy enough, officers in riot gear breakup a protest in the streets. >> five terror suspects appear in court. i'll have that story coming up. >> good evening, everybody. today, sunshine. tonight still clear skies. but yet the day showers are back in the forecast. eyewitness ne
in keen, california, to provide some long overdue recognition. >> the president of the united states of america. >> president barack obama came to the place where cesar chavez lived and worked, chanting the old farm worker slogan of hope and perseverance. yes, it can be done and it was done at a place chavez named -- mr. obama named the creation of the cesar chavez national monument, a distinction he called long overdue. >> no one seemed to care about the invisible farm workers who picked the nation's food. but cesar cares. in his own peaceful way, he made other people care, too. >> the celebration was attended by chavez's family members, school children, and thousands of current and former farm workers. although obama wants to sure up votes in support for latinos in a tight presidential race, he resisted making this a political speech. >> he came this to honor the man. you know, and the legacy that cesar chavez left. >> although sha chavez was born in arizona, this place is where he did his most significant work, often working out of this very simple wooden house. the monoyou
. obama is coming to california for two days of fund raising and a couple of rallies he got a boost and puts the lowest level in the presidency and the president is going to stop in los angeles and san francisco tomorrow and in the town of keen near bakersfield and they going to designate a national monument to the former home of latino farm worker leader cesar chavez and chavez who died in 1993d much of the work for farm workers while living in east san jose. >>> and that is not the way bay area fans wanted to start the play-offs, unfortunately. >> and that is still a start. still to come, how the giants and as faired as the post season is in the full swing. >> and is the worst of it over when it comes to the sudden surge in gas prices? the latest numbers from our local metro area. . >> first, clear skies later for the bay area and must be why they call it sunday. the temperatures in the 60s, and parts of san francisco, we'll have the entire forecast after we -- [ indiscernible ] california gas prices have t an all-time average high . . >>> gas prices, it was bound to happen. >> ye
the fart nest. >> i was born and raised in san francisco, california and now i work in afghanistan. >> reporter: is pria butler who works in afghanistan. >> reporter: then kandahar to tutu buy with a maul -- dubai with a small helicopter thrown in. >> reporter: she calls herself a fanatical giants fan. do you think? >> the weekend is going to cost me around $4,000. >> is it worth it? >> absolutely. 100%. sweep, twice that. >> reporter: all right, ann you gave me trouble at the earlier newscasts for talking sweep. she's sighing sweep. -- saying sweep. the giants fans here are saying sweep. i'm not saying anything but vern said only two teams in the history of baseball have ever won one game after being down 0- 3. so i'm not going to say it to get on your bad side but man it's looking good for the joints. >> thanks so much mike. we'll see you at 11:00 on cbs 5. >>> turning now to the other fall contest, your california ballot once again includes a request for more money and tonight there's a growing push to get californians to support a tax hike. governor jerry brown spent this week
>>> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. >> california gasoline now more expensive than hawaii. prices jumping 17 cents overnight. the cheapest time of the day to fill up. >>> a california man dies overseas and triggers an international health scare. how it all traces back to the bay area. >> brace yourselves for gridlock this weekend. how some people are making money off all the traffic. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. breaking news. police are investigating a deadly hit-and-run crash. it happened a little after 8:00 tonight and police say a car hit a man walking on southbound highway 87 just north of highway 82. the victim may have been on a skate board. he died at the scene. officers are looking for the driver who hit him. right now, three right lanes are closed. we don't know when they'll reopen. >>> talk about sticker shock, gasoline prices have never been higher. we are paying an average of $4.49 a gallon. goeff night, the price spiked 17 cents. more in some places. now, the government may step in and take action. cbs 5 reporter, s
% of california voters surveyed for our exclusive eyewitness news poll say the president was a clear winner tonight and part of the reason, they say the president was engaged and seemed better prepared than before. it was his performance that set the tone, but governor romney did not let him get away with it. >> very little of what romney said was true. >> we saw a more aggressive president out of the gate. a different mr. obama. >> you stood in front of a coal plant and pointed at it and said, this plant kills. and took great pride in shutting it down. now suddenly, you are a champion of coal. >> have you looked at your pension? >> i have to say. >> mr. president, have you looked at your pension? >> you know, i don't look at my pension, it's not as big as yours, so it doesn't take as long. >> governor romney was prepared. >> my priority is jobbed. we can't afford four more years like the last four years. what i can do is it's more attracted to come to america. we don't have to live like this. we can get this economy going again. >> what was very different in round two, the tone wa
's association complained that the donation to the -- about the donation to the california fair political practices commission. >> we reissued the letter support to rossett few weeks ago calling for her to repudiate and disa vow the money from the mayor's committee to the committee supporting re-election. even today they're out together coordinating campaigns, walking door-to-door. they continue to flaw the law and it needs to stop. >> mayor reid said he did nothing wrong because the law only prevents transfer of funds from one candidate to another and he is not a candidate. herrera is seeking her second term in district 8 and she's facing a challenge. >>> all's clear after a hazmat incident picked several people out of their homes last night in san francisco. crews evacuated a whole block around 7:30 on powell street between green and vallejo in north beach. the police responded to a call and apparent suicide. emergency responders smelled chemicals when they got there. 15 people inside the build handwriting to be evacuated and firefighters were in that building for over three hours tryin
much. that is why the california democratic party set up a day of action today going door-to- door to educate voters on the issue. >> when you go out there and say this is important, i should know the issues. i really think it is effective. >> reporter: it is a strategy the republicans are employing too. >> it is really a combination of getting stuff in the mail, seeing what is on tv and the direct contact that brings it all home. >> reporter: with such a wide array of decision to be made, we spoke with a lot of people on the street who have not yet made up their mind. >> i still have a lot more investigating to do. >> i am still reading on some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it is rude and bad when people are trying to sway us. it is a really personal opinion and everyone is entitled to that. >> i feel i am intelligent enough to make up my own mind. >> reporter: still door-to-door campaigning won't end any time soon. >> in the final analysis it does improve turnout, so, for now we are stuck with this system and we will see what
mateo county fire and the california office of the emergency services. at sunset, the search continued with boats, helicopters, and a c130 aircraft, topping flares into the -- dropping flares into the ocean to see which way the currents would carry them. on the coast, don knapp, cbs5. >>> a drive-by shooting investigation tied up traffic on the peninsula for hours this afternoon. it happened around 3:30 on southbound highway 101 at the holly street exit in san carlos. the highway was not fully reopened until four hours later. witnesses reported seeing a car swerving before veering off the highway. it turns out that a gunman in the car shop multiple times at the time of the crash. two men and a woman were injured and taken to the hospital, but it is not clear if they were hit by gunfire or hurt in the crash. >>> we're asking for the public's help for anyone that saw the altercation, saw the shootings, saw any piece of this to call the belmont police department. >> reporter: the holly street off ramp will remain closed indefinitely as they need to stay on the scene. >>> san jose is repor
of gasoline in california, $4.32. that's after going up 9 cents overnight. and as cbs 5 reporter shows us some gas stations are running low. >> reporter: it is worse in than some of the analysts have predicted. at this chevron people were complaining about a 20-cent jump overnight on tuesday. since that time it's gone up another 40 cents. some stations themselves are running on empty. refinery has begun. several costcos have locked up pumps after running out of gas. >> i came to get gas and it's not here. >> reporter: supply is down because a power surge knocked a refinery offline. it's not the only one. conoco phillips are undergoing maintenance. a crude oil pipeline is shut down due to safety problems and the refinery in richmond still hasn't recovered from the fire in august. brace your wallets. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is new territory. >> reporter: mike has to sell regular unleaded at $4.89 a gallon just to stay afloat. he locked up the pumps because it looked like he was gouging customers. >> i can't afford to pay bills right now. >> reporter: in the bay area prices
it is employing illegal immigrants. starbucks policy is to comply with all labor laws. >> in california, starbucks says it does not use the program to allow people if they are in the country legally. that law did not use e verify either. ken. >> sharon, do you get the feeling from talking to folks that this is the way to slim down the number of employees or are they really going after citizenship here? >> well, starbucks would say that what they are trying to do is trying to get all their information updated in order to make sure that all of the employees have all of their benefits, including the health benefits. this is the way they are doing it. so starbucks, that's what they are saying. we went to the bakery in south san francisco. we noticed they are also hiring a lot of new people. we talked to one or two of them and they are american citizens. >> all right, dotting the i's, crossing the t's. sharon, thank you for that. >>> an almost unbelievable sight in the streets of los angeles today as a space shuttle endeavour took a very slow ride toward its permanent home. we're going to
's the problem. state of california has added one flame retardant. no one seems to know which are in which sofa so they're all getting a warning label. what they do know if it was purchased in california it contains pounds of chemical flame retardant. >> supposed to withstand the 12 second open flame. >> scientists donald lucas explains that's the 40-year-old requirement of tv117 but it only applies to the foam inside the furniture which is why manufactures douse with chemicals. actual fire, it's the fabric that -- the chemicals have little effect accept to produce toxic smoke. because the flame retardant mai great and settle. studies have found high levels of the toxic in breast milk an babies as well. >> it does slow brain development. >> state senator is relieved to revise flameble standard finally in the works that may eventually eliminate these chemicals from couches. tom says he's also relieved. >> if my customers are considered i'm concerned. >> now the vision california is expected by next summer. it would increase fire safety without the chemical flame retardant. in fact meantime the o
the california coast. today: he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so, side has sold o >>> a stunner from george lucas today. he is selling lucasfilms to disney. so basically the dark side is sold out to the happiest place on earth. is how about snow white and the seven ewoks. we could go on and on. cbs 5 reporter linda yee on the empire going all hollywood. >> reporter: it's a force even the toughest storm trooper can't defeat. disney is guiding the star ship in a $4 billion deal that includes lucasfilms. in a company video statement, george lucas said he's putting away his light saber and trusting the house of mickey mouse to take over. >> i realize at some point i needed to retire. i wanted to go on and do other things. the final block was to find a good solid home for the company. >> reporter: lucas employs up to 1400 people here at campus in san francisco. lucasfilm employees did meet with lucas as well as top management all afternoon to discuss their future. by night fall three bus loads of workers returned, many looking grim. what did they tell you? >> i probably shouldn't tell you. >> re
with jerry brown on california's budget crunch. thank you for joining us this morning. it is sunday, october 28th. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. the governor sat down with us this week. we will show you highlights on his proposition 30, the tax plan hanging in the balance. >> and an in-depth conversation with senator diane feinstein up for re-election right now. we also had a big earthquake overnight off the coast of canada that we are following, as well. >> and in other new, hurricane sandy is moving up the eastern seaboard with the outer bands bashing the islands of north carolina. >> and the governor of new york is ordering a halt to all public transit is in new york city tonight at 7:00. the storm could affect more than 50 million people. the bridges and tunnels will also be shut down. susan mcginnis is live on the coast of delaware and susan. the winds have looked to have picked up in just the last hour. >> reporter: it certainly has ann and phil. the winds have picked up over the past several hours. we have been out here for nine hours and the intensity is increasing. t
's only happening here. >> this really appears to be just a west coast phenom, primarily california. you have low inventories and refinery problems. >> reporter: a chevron fire was just the beginning. a power failure in torrance have cut supplies. the low inventories caught a lot of distributors empty-handed. now it's the drivers who are running on empty. >> i might get maybe a quarter-tank on $20. >> reporter: crude prices, ironically, are dropping. >> when you see something that's going on right now that's related to supply issues, refinery problems, what happens as soon as the problems get resolved and they tend to happen relatively quickly, prices tend to drop off fast. >> reporter: no one knows for sure when the gas prices are going to start levelling off and then come down. but it can't come soon enough. some stations in california are already starting to run out of fuel. >> we'll do what we can. you can find the cheapest gas in your area by going to our website. >>> a different complaint at the chevron refinery. hundreds of people demonstrated this afternoon. activists are demandi
that unfolded and the trail of mayhem that stretches all the way back to southern california. >> reporter: the discovery of the blue subyou -- suburu with a shot gun inside, the first glimmer of hope. >> the initial reaction is relief. we've been working so hard to find some major clue. >> reporter: this morning, recovers near seattle arrested the couple who smashed the car in a police chase, darnell washington and his wife, tanya, sped off when officers approached them in the stolen car. they arrested the pair at gun point after they repeatedly rammed several police cars that boxed them in. >> this is a major break. >> reporter: they are considered persons of interest right now, not murder suspects. >> we know they were in this olympia home. there are people we want to talk to. they are not the suspects. >> reporter: the washingtons are wanted in a crime spree when the wife helped her husband escape from the san bernardino county jail on august the 8th. authorities suspect they car jacked other cars before this one. >> how is your family holding up? >> after this discovery, this news, m
and democrats went door-to-door in berkeley talking to voters are about an arain of measures on the california ballot. >> this election is very important. >> reporter: en that's then one thing we can agree on. the rest of it, not so much. that's why the california democratic party set up a day of action today to go door-to- door to educate voters on the issues. >> you go out there, they say, oh, this is important, and i think it's really effective. >> reporter: the republicans are employ employing the same strategy. >> it's a matter of seeing what's on tv, and in the mail, and then that direct contact brings it all home. >> reporter: we spoke with a lot of people out are on the street who have not yet made up their minds. >> there's a lot more investigating to do. >> i'm still reading some of the propositions. >> reporter: but most people we spoke with don't. >> i think it's actually really rude, and bad when people are trying to sway us. it's a really personal opinion, and i think everyone is entitled to that. >> i feel like i'm intelligent enough and that i can make up my own mind. >> re
is about a lot of things. it's about kids, teachers, it's also about the credit rating in california. it's about social harmony. it's about hope. and it's about those who have been most blessed to have an opportunity to give something back. >> also warning in doesn't pass it would trigger $6 billion in automatic cuts. most of it to schools. >> our students already suffer from 4 years of cuts. that have already devastated public education. >> but opponents say the politicians are crying wolf. >> it's a big scam. they can go fix it. they could start by auditing every department. they are avoiding doing what's really necessary. which is a total overhaul. >> polls on prop 30 are very close right now. and one issue complicating the matter is prop 38 a competing tax measure on the ballot. >> there are two challenging for prop 30 and with time running out. >> you are making fools of yourselves butting in here. >>> they are turning up the heat. in san francisco, cbs 5. >> the state's political watch dog commission says a donation to a san jose city council is illegal and must be returned. the $1
for a california man accused of taking more than 1-1/2 million dollars of chips from a casino. authorities say the suspect faces some long odds. >> reporter: these surveillance pictures allegedly show the thief as he walked through the venetian and snuck into a closed-off area reserved for high-rollers. >> he managed to pry open the lock on the chip container. >> reporter: he vanished with his $1.6 million hall because at that early hour, no one was using the room. the suspect is 31-year-old cole who has a mohawk and a tattoo on his left ear. >> he's been looking for work for months and hasn't been successful. >> even though people get away with this stuff initially, it's difficult to take it through to conclusion. >> reporter: it's the most recent in attempts to chip away at house money. michael belton was one who pepper sprayed a man at the bellagio and get away with $200,000 in chips. and in 2010, anthony carleo ran off with $1.5 million. >> reporter: the catch here is that authorities say in these cases, the thieves likely can't even cash in. the chips can only be redeemed at the casino fr
and made history in chicago this afternoon as the first sitting president to vote early. >> california governor jerry brown is making a last ditch effort for prop 30. it finds the education measure is struggling to reach 50% of support. 8% are undecided. grace leon how the governor is trying a new measure. >> that's why i am spending every day that i can between now and the election going around asking people to vote yes on 30. >> make no mistake, it is not easy, not easy at all for businesses to support a tax increase. >> with the support of of the bay area council the governor is tying this issue to the economy and jobs enter business people understand without a good school system, without a vibrant university system, you can't grow the economy so i think this thing comes down to a very stark choice. >> it's part of a new media blitz with governor brown reaching out to the press. earlier today he spoke on the radio with phil matier pushing his issues. >> the last ten yards to get over the goal line is this money for schools. it's an either or, on or off. either money into school
of the california air national guard's 129th rescue wing are on their way to that zone as well and providing medical aid. >>> well no delays for the giants coming home from the world series. the sfo fire department welcomed home the giants with a water cannon salute. they got off that plane with that big trophy. elizabeth cook on how thousands of fans made sure that their return to at&t park was memorable. >> as you can see behind me, they are still glowing. the fans never really stopped celebrating. in fact last night the entire civic plaza center was filled with tens of thousands of people watching the big game on the big screen. and those folks took the party to sfo and at&t park to welcome their team back home. >> reporter: now that the boys are back, the party could really start. >> i can't say that i have had more time than that today. >> reporter: they went straight home to at&t park. >> this is a special group. we're not saying good-bye. we will be here for a couple of days. >> reporter: players took turn carrying the trophy, so the fans could get a good look at the big prize. >> we've got a
in california are the highest in the nation, but here is some good news. prices jumped only a fraction of a cent overnight. nine days ago, we were paying $4.17 on average. now gas is $4.67. the prices through the roof, len ramirez says some drivers are turning to electric cars. >> all right. driving. off we go. >> andre just bought a plug in hybrid and now feels like a genius. especially when he drives past the gas stations. >> i'm sure glad i bought this car. i bought it three weeks ago and i haven't put gas in it. >> his timing was perfect, but he's not the only one taking advantage. >> our number one selling vehicle. with gas price so far, so do they. >> we sold 18 over the past weekend and the past 45 days, we have seen old 100 vehicles. >> that's about three times the normal number of monthly sales. >> when gas gets near $5 a goal lone, people are looking spar electric or hybrid cars. >> when the battery is empty, i can continue going on gas. >> one luck trick, one gases. compared to other popular hybrids and full gasoline cars, the volt is cheaper to drive over the long-term, eve
. >>> coming up, it will be one last trip for shuttle bus. this one on the streets of southern california. the one thing needed to get endeavor on the road. >>> 13 to 20 degrees below normal today as far as our highs were concerned. good evening, everybody. the rain is now ending, but the forecast you need to know about as eyewitness news continues right here on the cw. what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. part of it's final journey.e streets of l-a. >>> wow, the endeavor is getting ready for the toughest part of its final journey. the streets of los angeles. with a wing clearance of 6 inches, sidewalks on martin luther king boulevard and crenshaw will be closed. the shuttle is so big, it will move at 1 to 2 mile
hazardous to its new home at the california science center took most of the weekend zigzagging their way through tight corridors and under hundreds of power lines by many trees. arriving 16 hours late, but endeavour didn't suffer a scratch. its final mission accomplished. >>> and another space mission accomplished. an austiran man plunged 24 miles up. breaking the record for the highest free fall and the sound barrier in the process. he says that he hopes to train the next daredevil to break his record. >>> it's that time of the year again. male deer are out looking for mates. apparently they're not paying attention to much else. cbs5 reporter on the unusual places where bucks are in a rut. >> reporter: it is deer mating season and bad things can happen on the hunt for romance. >> looking for love and getting in trouble. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yes, bucks are getting stuck. the non-profit wild rescue shot this video over the weekend of an entanglement. the confused deer wondered into a soccer net. >> yes, it was a pretty gnarlly rescue. we don't like dealing with deer. >> reporter: you
the barge. >>> they may be locked up, but california prison inmates have never been so well connected. cellphones are being smuggled to them by the thousands every day, allowing crime bosses to keep calling the shots from prison. joe vasquez on the interesting ways the phones are getting in. >> reporter: meet drako. a specially trained cane ine for the prison system. his expertise is finding contraband, which has expanded in recent years. nowadays, cellphones are a growing problem. >> there they are. >> reporter: sergeant wayne conrad says it turns out the cellphones have a unique odor. and they have been able to drain him and another dogs to find them. >> in the last year and a half, the dogs alone have been responsible for recovering over 3,000 cellphones. >> reporter: cellphones in prison are illegal. since they go for as much as $1,000 behind bar, it's become increasingly common to see them smuggled in. >> iphones, blackberry, all of them. >> reporter: it's the subject of a new report. it highlights the fact that some 20 employees of the prison system were fired or decided to resi
hospital allows users to talk about their feelings and frustrations in the waiting room. >>> california following the national trend with a falling unemployment rate. it's going down. last month the jobless rate fell the 10.2%. in the bay area it was a net increase of 5000 jobs. the sectors that hired the most? education, finance and hospitality. >>> one of the most congested freeways will be the smartest. caltrans is installing censors on interstate 80 to control the flow of traffic. it will talk to a central computer controlling meteoring lights. >> it is harmonize the cars in the corridor, that captures greater amount capacity. >> it will be installed from the carotene as bridge to the bay bridge, it will be completed by 2015. >>> technology is coming to rescue for a common problem, bike theft. for a victim and want to the recover your wheels, there's an app for that. >> if you plan on navigating the city on two wheels, don't get to attached. >> ever have your bike stolen. >> a couple times. >> four bikes. >> 603 bikes were reported stolen last year. 630 stolen since we started talki
are saying about a deadly shark attack on the california coast. >>> the firsthand account of conditions inside the pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak. contra costa county: a secod body has b wreckage. >>> new details in the fiery plane crash out of contra costa county. a second body has been found in the wreckage. small plane came down north neat of the byron airport. the witnesses say they heard the engine of the plane sputter before it crashed in a farm field at about 2:00 this afternoon. wreckage was smile smoldering an hour later. names of the two have not been identified. faa is investigating the cause of the crash. >>> a central coast man is dead after being attacked by a shark. it happened at surf beach near and haven burg air force base in santa barbara county this morning. francisco solario was surfing with a a friend who saw the attack. the friend drug him to the beach and tried to save his life, but was unsuccessful. no signs are posted warning of shark attacks, but officials say that surfers know of the danger. >> i think it's pretty well known locally, like y
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